Faculty and students working together
to create media that will educate and empower

In February 2012, the Wyncote Foundation of Philadelphia awarded a grant to Rowan University for a collaborative documentary project. Five universities: Rowan, California State Northridge, Northern Illinois, Western State Colorado, and Framingham State will make student produced documentaries under faculty supervision to address the societal problem of sexual assault on college campuses. Also included in the project are other forms of media and a social media campaign.

Mission Statement
We, the teacher/documentarians involved in the Collaborative Documentary Project, believe that the documentary form, when produced by students under faculty supervision, can create powerful stories that can change potentially tragic behavior patterns. Students are the ones who can make a difference in the minds of other students.

The student produced documentaries and other media resources created by this grant will become important tools for all areas of college life, including orientations, residence advising, campus police, fraternities, sororities, counseling centers, rehab centers, and hospitals.

This kind of humanitarian collaboration of five universities combining skills and resources to create social problem documentaries, and partnering with a non-profit national distribution organization, Security on Campus, is a new and innovative way to address societal problems. The five universities want to become a source of preventative media that young people, their families, relatives, and friends will listen to.